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Town of Starksboro

Town Green Pavilion

In 2021, a group of town residents came together with members of the Planning Commission to explore the creation of a "town green" in the village of Starksboro. 

Over time, the project goals became clear and a plan to construct a pavilion to support outdoor activities and impromptu gatherings. The challenges for connecting with community throughout the pandemic made it clear that additional outdoor recreational spaces are needed and wanted. 

Volunteers have helped bring the first phase of the project to fruition. The site was excavated and prepared, picnic tables were purchased, and a beautiful stone retaining wall was constructed. In the Spring of 2022, the group hopes to have enough donations and resources available to construct the pavilion itself. 

If you are interested in helping with the project or in making a tax-deductible donation, please contact Carin McCarthy or Peg Casey. 


Checks can be mailed to the town clerk's office and made out to "Town of Starksboro" - please include Town Green Pavilion in the memo line. Want to make a donation online or in person using a credit card? We now offer credit card processing! 

Online donations accepted here

Thank you for your support!

Harvest Fest 10/21/23

2-3 pm by Michael Clough of the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. Meet an owl, a hawk, a snapping turtle, or others, and learn how these animals meet the challenges of life in the northeast. 

3-5 pm - Stay for music, games, food, crafts, and Meetinghouse Silent Auction!

Location: Town Green Pavilion

Parking at Robinson School