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Town of Starksboro


The Starksboro Road Crew consists of three full-time employees: Josh Martell (Foreman), Paul Porter, and Robert Briggs.

Our Road Foreman is a working foreman position. They are responsible for all aspects of maintaining the town roads. The position involves planning work projects, purchasing necessary supplies, supervising the road crew, and skilled, technical work in the maintenance, repair, and construction of town roads and facilities.

The foreman is expected to lead, teach, and supervise the road crew and must be familiar with all the town’s vehicles and equipment and understand how to operate them safely and efficiently.
The position requires good judgment to ensure the safety of the public and town employees. (Full job description)

Starksboro has 43 miles of roads to maintain with most being unpaved roads including Class 3 and 4 portions. 

The Town Garage is located on VT Route 116 just north of Starksboro village. 

***Starksboro Winter Parking ordinance is in effect. Please contact the road foreman with any questions. ***

Driveway Accessibility Permit application  
Overweight Permit  

road crew trucks

Road Foreman

Josh Martell
802-453-2319 office
802-578-4629 mobile 

Garage Hours

Mon - Thurs 

Town Garage