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Town of Starksboro

Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is an advisory board appointed by the Starksboro Selectboard.

The Starksboro Town Plan charges the Conservation Commission with providing the best, current ecological information to the DRB and Planning Commission. The information is provided to help residents make meaningful connections to the natural environment around them and to develop, use, and protect land in a way that is least disruptive and damaging to the environment.

The mission of the Starksboro Conservation Commission is to provide leadership in efforts to protect natural and agricultural resources through education, conservation advocacy, land stewardship, and town planning. The Commission maintains the Creekside Loop Trail on the Cota Conserved Lands and manages the Town’s forest. The Commission is authorized to Identify and map natural communities, wetlands, and wildlife travel corridors.

Annually the Commission hosts a Harvest Supper to benefit Four Winds’ programing in grades K-4 at Robinson School. Four Winds Nature Institute is a non-profit organization advancing the understanding, appreciation and protection of the environment through community-based natural science education and research.

Commission Members

Peg Casey
Margi Gregory, Chair
Jennifer Lovett
Jan McCleery
Robert Turner

Meeting Schedule

Fourth Monday of the month