Town of Starksboro


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Full Name Sort descending Title Phone Number Email Board/Committee
Alexsys Thompson DRB member DRB
Amy McCormick Town Clerk 802-453-2639 Staff or official
Arnell Paquette DRB member DRB
Becky Trombley Library Trustee Library
Ben Campbell DRB member DRB
Brad Boss Planning Commission Planning Commission
Carin McCarthy Selectboard member Selectboard
Catherine Goldsmith Librarian 802-453-3732 Staff or official
Celina Aiguier Community Garden Coordinator 802-453-2460
Christa Finnern Library Trustee Library
Chuck Webber Animal Control Officer 802-336-2141 Staff or official
Dan Nugent Planning Commission Planning Commission
Dan Nugent DRB Chair & Planning Commission DRB
Dan Harris Planning Commission Planning Commission
Dennis Casey Planning Commission Chair Planning Commission
Denny Barnard Planning Commission Planning Commission
Eric Cota Selectboard member Selectboard
Jeff Keeney Planning Commission Planning Commission
John Painter Selectboard member Selectboard
Jon Fenner DRB member DRB
Katie Antos-Ketcham Library Trustee, Co-chair Library
Koran Cousino Selectboard Chair Selectboard
Kris Perlee Zoning Administrator 802-453-2639 Staff or official
Liz Fairchild Library Trustee, Co-chair Library
Mark Kinsley Treasurer 802-453-2639 Staff or official
Nancy Boss Selectboard member Selectboard
Norman Cota Lister Staff or official
Rebecca Elder Selectboard Assistant 802-453-8117 Staff or official
Richard Warren DRB member DRB
Rob Liotard DRB member DRB
Robert Turner Auditor Staff or official
Rodney Orvis Planning Commission Planning Commission
Starksboro Listers Listers Staff or official
Susan Thompson Library Trustee Library
Susan Klaiber Jerusalem Community Center Committee Chair Jerusalem Community Center Committee
Tony Porter Road Foreman 802-453-2319 Staff or official