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The 2018-2019 Town Report is now available electronically. The printed copies will be available in about 2 weeks. Please contact the Town Clerk’s office if you would like to have a copy mailed to you or you may pick one up anytime during regular business hours.

Town Report 2018-19

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Town of Starksboro

Public Notice of Bylaw Approval


Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. §4442(c), the Starksboro Selectboard formally approved the proposed Zoning Unified Bylaw amendments at their regularly scheduled meeting on January 7, 2020. The Planning Commission and Selectboard held two public hearings (10/17/19 and 12/17/19 respectively) to receive comments from property owners and residents.

The amended Bylaws will go into effect 21 days from the adoption. A petition for a public vote can be presented with signatures of at least 5% of registered voters to the Town Clerk within 20 days of the vote.

Dated: 1/9/2020
Rebecca Elder, Administrative Officer

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SELECTBOARD | Notice of Public Hearing

The Starksboro Selectboard will hold a public hearing on the proposed Zoning Unified Bylaw amendment beginning at 7:30 P.M. on December 17, 2019 at the Starksboro Town Office, 2849 VT Rte 116, Starksboro, Vermont. This public notice is given pursuant to 24 V.S.A. §4441(d) and 4444. The Starksboro Planning Commission has prepared amendments to Starksboro’s existing Land Use and Development Regulations. This amendment will affect every geographic area of Starksboro. Residents are hereby notified that these draft Bylaws will be discussed at this public hearing hosted by the Selectboard. Property owners and residents of Starksboro can find a copy of the proposed Bylaws and list of proposed amendments on the Town website or come to the Town office during regular business hours.

 A summary of the amendments are included herein and are available at or at the Town office.

Section 103. – Purpose

These regulations implement the policies of the Starksboro Town Plan and the Vermont Planning and Development Act. They are intended to:

(1)        Protect public health, safety and welfare;

(2)        Protect and conserve natural, scenic and historic resources;

(3)        Protect and conserve rural character, working land and open space;

(4)        Ensure that the rate of growth and development does not exceed Starksboro’s ability to provide    services and does not place an undue burden on taxpayers; and

(5)        Allow for housing to meet the needs of residents as described in the Starksboro Town Plan.


PROPOSED Bylaw Amendments Summary:

  1. Incorporation of all items adopted by the Selectboard on October 11, 2016 as “Interim Zoning Amendments”. Changes were made to Sections 113.A, 211-figure 4, 251.A, 251.B, 325.B, 358.E, 510.C, 510.H, 510.L, 510.N, and 510.S. (consolidated Interim bylaw language can be found on the first two pages of the current Bylaws.)
  2. Clarifying edits to Sections 113.A, 122.D, and 124.C.
  3. Chapter 210
    1. Figure 3 – Insertion of Electric Vehicle charging stations, both residential and commercial uses
    2. Figure 3 – Working Lands Uses – clarifying edit re: “wood” to “forest” products processing
    3. Figure 4 – Clarifying edit to residential density line
  4. Section 311.B – new language regarding driveways; renumber section
  5. Section 313.G – New language regarding Electric Vehicle Parking
  6. Section 317.G – New language regarding Electric Vehicle Charging Station Identification Signs
  7. Section 342.A – Clarifying edit to wording for home-based businesses.
  8. Section 342.B – Change of percentages in Value-Added Processing and Manufacturing.
  9. Section 345.A – Addition of language regarding size of replacement structures in Mobile Home Parks.
  10. 414.E – Correction of statutory reference.
  11. Section 426.I – Insert statutory reference.
  12. Section 510 Definitions – Insertion of new definitions
    1. C – Contractor Yard
    2. C – Delete cottage industry
    3. E – Insert Electric Vehicle Charging Station
    4. F – Insert Forest Products Processing and Forestry; addition to Fueling Station
    5. H – Insert Home Industry
    6. S – Correction to Significant Ecological Resources and Significant Natural Areas.