Town Clerk – Cheryl Estey – 802-453-2639 or starksboro@madriver.com (2021)
Treasurer – Celine Coon – 802-453-2639 (2021)
Moderator & School District Moderator – Dan Dubenetsky (2020)                                                                                                 
Delinquent Tax Collector – Amy McCormick – 802-349-9428 (2020)

see below for a list of appointed officials


Contact the Selectboard: starksboroselectboard@gmavt.net or 802-453-8117
Selectboard Assistant – Rebecca Elder (contact for agenda requests) 
Koran Cousino
Eric Cota
Nancy Boss
Keegan Tierney

one vacant seat as of Sept. 2019


Mt. Abraham Unified School District Directors

Caleb Elder – 802-434-4805
Steve Rooney

Listers – 802-453-2778
Chuck Webber (2020)
Norman Cota (2021)
Larry Shepard (2022)

Justices of the Peace
Ben Campbell, Margaret Casey, Bill Coon, Norman Cota, John Jefferies, Donna Lescoe, Peter Ryersbach                                                                

Peter Ryersbach (2021)
Robert Turner (2022)
vacant seat (2020)

Planning Commission
Dennis Casey, Chair (2021)
Dan Harris (2020)
Jeff Keeney vice-chair (2022)
Denny Barnard (2021)
Brad Boss (2022)
Dan Nugent (2020)
Rodney Orvis (2022)

Board of Abatement
Justices of the Peace
Town Clerk

Board of Civil Authority
Town Clerk
Justices of the Peace

Cemetery Commissioner                                                     
Norman Cota

Library Trustees
Celina Aiguier, Judith Kessler, Chris Runcie (chair), Liz Fairchild, Katie Antos-Ketcham

First Grand Juror

Town Agent to Prosecute
Jim Runcie


Road Foreman: Tom Estey 453-2319
Assistant Town Clerk:  Amy McCormick 453-2639
Assistant Treasurer: Amy Mansfield 453-2639
Selectboard Assistant: Rebecca Elder 453-2768
Animal Control Officer/Pound Keeper: Charles F. Webber “Chuck”802-336-2141 land line | 201-320-1080 mobile
Zoning Administrator: Rebecca Elder | 453-2768 (HOURS: Tues 8:30-3:30, Wed 8:30-3:30 or Thurs 8:30-11)
Health Officer: Peter Ryersbach 453-3597
Recycling Coordinator: Jennifer Turner
Tree Warden: Tom Estey
AC Solid Waste Rep: Susan Reit de Salas
AC Regional Planning Delegate(s): Richard Warren 
Emergency Management Coordinator: Charlene Phelps – 453-3461
AC Transportation Advisory Committee: Jan McCleery – 453-3755 (alternate: Richard Warren)
Green Up Day Coordinator: Rebecca Trombley
Fire Wardens: Tom Estey – 802-453-2319, Tony Porter – 802-989-5096

Development Review Board (3-year terms appointed by Selectboard)

***To request time on the DRB’s agenda, contact the Zoning Administrator.***

Marjorie Dickstein (2020) Vice-chair
Jon Fenner (2020)
Robert Liotard (2020)
Dan Nugent (2021) Chair
Ben Campbell (2021)
Arnell Paquette (2022)
Rich Warren (2022)
Alternates: Dennis Casey and Norman Cota

Conservation Commission
Peg Casey, Jan McCleery (Chair), Jody Higgs, Robert Turner

Energy Committee

Pete Antos-Ketcham (2021), Jeff Dunham (2021), Richard Faesy chair (2020), Phil Mosenthal (2020), Megan Nedzinski (2020)

Other Town Officials

Town Report Coordinators: Auditors
School Superintendent: Patrick Reen
Robinson Principal: Edorah Frazer
Fire Chief: Tom Estey
First Assistant Chief: Tony Porter
Second Assistant Chief: Matthew Estey
E-911 Coordinator: Rebecca Elder
Officer in Charge (Post Office): Pat Haskins