Committee members:

Tom Estey, Susan Klaiber (Chair), Greg Orvis, Edie Seers (honorary member), Alan Quittner, Luke McCarthy, Megan Nedzinski

Charge to the Committee from the Selectboard, June 5, 2018:

The Jerusalem School House committee shall develop a draft plan for a renovation of the schoolhouse to include updates to the existing historical building and additional public space as fits the public need; and inclusion of a constructed fire station #2 as fits the needs of the fire department. The committee shall obtain all permitting necessary to produce a set of construction plans suitable for bidding. The committee shall explore the spectrum of construction options including feasibility, ranging from citizen volunteer construction through full contracting the project and makes its recommendation to the selectboard along with a draft construction budget.

The committee shall keep the selectboard updated on its progress by attending Selectboard meetings no-less than one time per quarter. No contracts shall be entered or expenses incurred without the signatory permission of the selectboard.

The committee shall produce all documents by November 2019 for consideration by the Selectboard to present to the voters at Town Meeting 2020.

Minutes and Agendas