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Town of Starksboro

Tax Grievance Day – June 23, 2020

At the Starksboro Town Office from 9AM to 5PM.

***Please call the office to make an appointment. 453-2639 *****

A Grievance is stating the value of one’s property is not in alignment with the Real Estate Fair Market Value. A Grievance cannot be done based on property taxes associated with the property. The Value of the property is what can be grieved on.

Any and all grievances are being done by written statements only. No face to face meetings. 

All correspondences must be sent in by June 23 – please provide fact based information that is relevant to the value of your property. Pictures are also encouraged.

Please provide a phone number where you can be reached during your allotted grievance time in case the Listers need to speak with you.

Norman Cota, Charles Webber, Larry Shepard


In you have any questions, please call 453-2639 or email


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