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The Town of Starksboro has an opening for a Selectboard/Town Administrative Assistant.  This is a new position, and is expected to require an average of 8 hours per week.

This position supports the Selectboard in the daily execution of the Town’s business, and performs town administrative functions that do not fall within the scope of other elected offices.  Duties include taking and preparing Selectboard minutes, agendas and correspondence; researching grant opportunities, writing grant applications and acting as the administrative officer of active town grants; and serving as Starksboro’s 9-1-1 Coordinator.  The Administrative Assistant must be available to attend Selectboard meetings (Regular, Special, Emergency meetings), as well as Public Hearings, Quasi-judicial Hearings and other meetings scheduled by the Selectboard.  Most of these meetings are held in the evening.

The job description can be viewed using the following link – Selectboard Assistant – Town Administration.

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